Administration Test

Administration Test

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Q1: Which one is the responsibility of the HR team?

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Q2: Which one is the responsibility of the Technical team?

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Q3: Which team is the backbone of the business?

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Q4: What is the responsibility of the outbound team?

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Q5: Which one is not a step of how to buy products/ service from a company

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Q6: to buy products/ services from a company which one should be done first?

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Q7: For tracking sign in and sign out times, the company is using which system?

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Q7: Which one is the role of the administration?

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Q9: While sourcing internationally which one is the hardest part?

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Q10: Who is responsible to close a deal.

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Q11: A Search Engine Marketing Expert is responsible for

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Q12: A Search Engine Marketing Expert is responsible for

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Q13: Monthly report will indicate

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Q14: When the office needs to get a service or products it is not important to do enough research and comparison to find the best quality service/ product with the best price

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Q15: Without choosing the proper niche market and proper target audience you cannot choose the right product to source

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Q16: Sourcing products internationally for a business is important

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Q17: Verifying the supplier is not crucial

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Q18: ( Fixing the niche market will also help you to find the proper sourcing companies for the product.

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Q19: After choosing the right and verified country, now it’s time to choose the suppliers.

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Q20: Verifying a supplier can be done through trade show participation.

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Q21: It is not important to test the products before you purchase.

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Q22: While keeping attendance, always create a new sheet for every new month.

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Q23: Preparing an everyday plan of work based on the monthly target is not necessary.

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Q24: There are four category for TFOS.

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Q25: When an MQL displays sales-ready behavior, like requesting for a demo or signing up for a free trial, they become a sales qualified lead.

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Q1: The HR should calculate the salary every month by 2nd date and send it for review to the management.

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Q2: The relevant expense data on the expense sheet under the relevant category should be entered before collecting the scan copy and physical copy of the invoice.

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Q3: Expense estimation is important for an organization to spend the money for the proper instrument and for the proper sector.

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Q4: When getting approval for any expense estimation and purchasing the items, must collect the invoices from the store, even the item is a paper clip.

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Q5: While price estimation figuring out the price and time coverage estimation should be done before making the priority list.

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Q6: If expense is unlimited or unaccounted, it does not have any effect in  an organization.

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Q7: The present month’s salary is normally due on the 10th of next month.

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Q8: What percentage of the Gross salary will be the basic salary?

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Q9: What percentage of the Gross salary will be the medical allowance?

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Q10: If someone’s salary is 25000. What will be the per day fine if that individual is absent on that day?

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Q11: For expense estimation which one we need to do first?

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Q12: If someone’s salary is 25000 and what will be his/her hourly absent deduction rate?

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Q13: When shall be the estimation made?

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Q14: Which one is a step of collecting invoices and storing them?

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Q15: What percentage of the Gross salary will be the medical allowance?

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Q1:While handing a client what is the 1st thing you should do?

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Q2:Once an existing client gives a knock on chat, how can we know that this is an existing client?

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Q3:If a client is online and If the client wants to contact by phone, what should you do?

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Q4:If the client asks for the specific agent that he/she talked while purchasing,

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Q5:Which one should be done first

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Q6:If the clients wants immediate solution and don’t want to wait for the agent, and then transfer the info to the respective department ASAP.

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Q7:If the client specifies that, he/she took our services and facing some issues, first collect the details about the problem. Then collect the info about the agent that he/she talked and the engineer / manager who was responsible for the service.

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Q8:After collecting the info, transfer it the respective department and tell the client to wait or you can take the contact info so that you can contact after a moment with the solution in your hand.

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Q9:Never tell the client how it will work while giving the solution.

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Q10:If the client is on online and waiting for your response, tell him the solution.

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Q1:What is the very first level of action to take when any employee is not behaving according to our culture and value.

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Q2:Which one is a red flag while checking the reference of a candidate?

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Q3:What should be done while checking the reference?

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Q4:What should be done while checking the reference?

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Q5:Which one is not the process of collecting documents?

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Q6:For virtually storing the documents which platform should be used?

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Q7:How many references should one put in the CV while applying?

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Q8:Which one is not a process to onboard a new recruit?

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Q9:Before we provide an appointment letter, how many days should be considered as a trial period?

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Q10:Which one is not a part of the star method?

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Q11:Which one gives job candidates an opportunity to better understand the expectations and responsibilities of the position?

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Q12:Which one is not a part of firing someone?

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Q13:What you should not do while firing an employee?

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Q14:Which training  is essential for HR?

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Q15:Which training is required for Sales & Outbound Marketing?

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Q16:Fresh sale training is required for which sector?

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Q17:Which training is required in Customer Service?

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Q18:Techforing pays its salary through which bank?

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Q19:Which one is not a job searching platform?

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Q20:Which one is a part of communicating with job seeking candidates?

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Q21:For detailed information exchange which one is always preferable?

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Q22:What is the total KPI score in a week for an employee?

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Q23:What is the highest score for behavior in the KPI measurement calculator?

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Q24:What is the highest score for work ethics in the KPI measurement calculator?

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Q25:A good content writer should have the following expertise:

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Q26:A job description should include important company details — company mission, culture and any benefits it provides to employees.

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Q27:The HR should score employee’s by observing the employee directly and should not collect feedback from employee’s teammates.

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Q28:If someone repeats the same behavior after a verbal warning a written notice on company pad should be provided.

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Q29:If verbal warning, written notice and even fine doesn’t discipline an employee for a particular behavior pattern suspension should be the course of action.

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Q30:It is not important to collect all the employees’ documents in one place virtually.

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Q31:Be sure to ask referees about the candidate’s soft skills and social and emotional-intelligence-based capabilities

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Q32:check them properly. Verify the documents if they are authentic or not.

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Q33:While collecting the document Make a set for each candidate, sort them and keep them in the folder. Keep the folder in a safe place

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Q34:The STAR method is not a common technique used when interviewing promising candidates.

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Q35:Closely notice if the candidate is coming to office in time, going along with other employees

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Q36:New recruits should be  provided access to any official documents or computer.

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Q37:If the interviewee doesn’t use the STAR method when answering your questions, you can use the STAR method to create follow-up questions or to request more information to better understand a candidate’s previous experience.

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Q38:Take a quiz test to know if the employee really understood the HR Policy.

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Q39:Always be ready to ask a follow-up question and use your list of pre-written interview questions as a guide, rather than a strict plan.

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Q40:Before jumping into role-specific interview questions, it is not useful to better understand the interviewee’s career goals.

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Q41:firing makes good business sense and hopefully is in the best interest of the person and your team going forward

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Q42:Demonstrating respect and compassion are also important for morale

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Q43:A technical expert does not need to review the submitted task before confirming the candidate about the third step of the interview.

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Q44:A frontend developer is a programmer who is able to design a webpage with frontend technology.

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Q45:Its ok if all employees’ documents are not collected properly and stored.

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Q46:TechForing as a company shall communicate effectively and professionally with all job seeking candidates.

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Q47:KPI needs to be assessed in 3 months.

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Q48:Encourage more people to apply by sharing the attractive rewards and benefits you offer your employees is not required.

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Q49:Best way is to store them in a cloud account.

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