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General Aptitude Test

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Q1: If A =x% of y and B =y% of x, then which of the following is true?

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Q2: Can you find the approximate value for the below equation 83.01 * 79.01 - 74.99 + 79.99 / 76.01

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Q3: A cistern can be filled in 9 hours but due to a leak at its bottom it takes 10 hours. If the cistern is full find the time taken to empty the tank (in hours).

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Q4: A tennis court has a length of 28 units, and breadth of 20 units. Find the area of the tennis court?

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Q5: X starts a business with Rs.45000. Y joins in the business after 3 months with Rs.30000. What will be the ratio in which they should share the profit at the end of the year?

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Q6: A boat is rowed down a river 40 km in 5 hr and up a river 21 km in 7 hr. Find the speed of the boat and the river.

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Q7: What is the distance covered by a car travelling at a speed of 40 kmph in 15 minutes?

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Q8: An aeroplane covers a certain distance at a speed of 240 kmph in 5 hours. To cover the same distance in 1 hours, it must travel at a speed of:

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Q9: Walking at the rate of 4 kmph a man cover a certain distance in 2 hr 45 min. Running at a speed of 16.5 kmph the man will cover the same distance in.

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Q10: The speed of a car increases by 2 kms after every one hour. If the distance travelling in the first one hour was 35 kms. what was the total distance travelled in 12 hours?

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Q11: A person walking at 4 Kmph reaches his office 8 minutes late. If he walks at 6 Kmph, he reaches there 8 minutes earlier. How far is the office from his house?

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Q12: In a throw of dice what is the probability of getting number greater than 5

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Q13: A bag contains 12 white and 18 black balls. Two balls are drawn in succession without replacement. What is the probability that first is white and second is black?

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Q14: A runner can complete a 750 m race in two and a half minutes. Will he be able to beat another runner who runs at 17.95 km/hr?

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Q15 Consider another example where a pack contains 4 blue, 2 red and 3 black pens. If a pen is drawn at random from the pack, replaced and the process repeated 2 more times, What is the probability of drawing 2 blue pens and 1 black pen?

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Q16: If P (A) = 0.18, P (B) = 0.5 and P (B|A) = 0.2, find P(A n B)?

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Q17: A completes a work in 12 days and B complete the same work in 24 days. If both of them work together, then the number of days required to complete the work will be

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Q18: The sum required to earn a monthly interest of Rs 400 at 10 % per annum at simple interest is

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Q19: A man borrowed some amount, after 3 years he paid Rs.10,400/- with 10% interest, then how much Amount he borrowed?

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Q20: What is the rate of simple interest?I. The total interest earned was Rs 4000/-. II. The sum was invested for 4 years.

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Q21: A person took some amount with some interest for 2 years, but increase the interest for 1%, he paid Rs.120/- extra, then how much amount he took?

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Q22 What is the difference between the compound interests on Rs. 5000 for 11/2 years at 4% per annum compounded yearly and halfyearly?

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Q23: What would be the compound interest on Rs.7700/- at 15 ΒΌ% per annum for 2 years compounded annually

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Q24: A sum of money amounts to Rs.6690 after 3 years and to Rs.10,035 after 6 years on compound interest.find the sum.

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Q25: Find out the C.I on Rs.5000 at 4% p.a. compound half-yearly for 1 1/2 years.

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